Be a Green Cowboy

Our Green Guarantee

Cowboy Cleaning is a clean company that takes steps to reduce and recycle everything we can in our day to day operations.


Most companies in the cleaning industry need to come to your home to provide a price quote. Cowboy Cleaning uses all the newest technologies to provide an accurate quote without driving to your home. This process so accurate and efficient that everyone saves on costs and fuel.

If one of our Cowboys does need to visit for a “Birds Eye View” quote. If we’re not already in the area then we use our Hybrid Prius instead of our work trucks making it a very low cost to the environment.

In addition to green thinking and simple reduction our cowboys practice:

Our Code Of Conduct

Our Code Of Conduct

  • Direct gutter cleaning from ladder which minimizes the use of water and completely eliminates the use of soaps making it one of the greenest of cleaning services.
  • Take away and recycle any leftover eavestrough and downspout material such as aluminum, plastics, packaging, and other material.
  • Proper disposal if compost-able materials such as eaves trough waste and wood materials. We go out of town to use eavestrough debris as tree fertilizer on our Cowboy Ranch, They grow great with it!
  • Eco-friendly soaps for our Power Washing, Window & Siding Cleaning.
  • We use re-claimed food barrels that would otherwise be destroyed as rain barrels making keeping them out of landfills and making good use of these barrels.
  • Our Elegant rain barrels are made from recycled plastic materials.

Cowboy Cleaning supports Green Calgary We seek their green advice and strive to follow their example.

For more information on how to be more Green check out these guides.

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