About Us

Cowboy Cleaning

Born form expert cleaners and business managers, Cowboy Cleaning is founded by the rough and tumble cow folks here in Calgary, Alberta. We’re here to grow, serve and maintain relationships.

“We love the feeling of being able to provide a high quality cleaning service with a bit of cowboy entertainment on the side.”

With well informed and well trained crews we provide window cleaning, eaves cleaning, power washing, home cleaning, and other services.  We work with large commercial companies like retail stores, banks, government buildings , car dealerships, schools, and more. We clean countless small store fronts and residential houses.

Out of all the different cleaning jobs we’ve found we could provide a better service at a lower price then most of the other pro competitors.

“We’ve found innovations and efficiencies that others haven’t.”

We love to receive referrals from satisfied customers. Many of our clients recommend us to friends and other businesses after trying us out. We are always glad to lend a hand. We’ve been able to develop a loyal following of customers due to a high demand for must-have cleaning and maintenance services. Its a fact that it snows or rains at the worst times and it is never easy to drop what your doing and do it yourself.