Rain Barrel

Cowboy Cleaning Does Rain Barrel Installs

Save water, help the environment and provide your plants with a healthier watering alternative.

Saving your rain water can conserve over 3 Tonnes of water each year! Plus the water quality is far better quality then hard water from wells and city pipes. Rain water is soft and contains the natural nutrients. It’s the proper temperature for plants and lacks the harsh chemical agents in tap water such as chlorine.

Collecting your water has many benefits.

Cowboy cleaning will install rain barrels for you so you can water those greens for many years to come.

  • We bring the rain barrel
  • We bring the tools
  • We bring the pad
  • We level the spot
  • We install the rain barrel
  • We connect it all up
  • You Relax.

See our Pricing Below

 Prices include installation in Calgary and area

Cowboy Cleaning will install your rain barrel beside your downspout. We ask that the spot be on dirt/soil/gravel or we may not be able to install it properly level.

*Intended for single downspouts

Single Rain Barrel Kit: $199

  • Re-purposed food container barrel
  • Cement Pad 2″x2’x2′
  • Installation Kit

Double Rain Barrel Kit: $389

  • 2 – Re-purposed food container barrel
  • 2 –  Cement Pads 2″x2’x2′
  • Installation Kit
  • Connection Kit

Triple Rain Barrel Kit: $499 *Best Deal*

  • 3 – Re-purposed food container barrels
  • 3 –  Cement Pads 2″x2’x2′
  • Installation Kit
  • 2- Cross Connection Kits

These extras are available with to your installation service.

Extra Rain Barrels Installed: $149/ea

  • Re-purposed food container barrels
  • Cement Pads 2″x2’x2′
  • Installation Kit

Raised Cinder Block Pedestal: $29/per barrel

Plastic Accent Raised Pedestal: $69/per barrel

Exchange regular food barrel for Elegant Home Accent Rain Barrels

XXL Brown Plastic Barrel: Add $79

Elegant Flat Back Rain Barrel: Add $99

Almost all homes can have a rain barrel installed easily and effectively. While most homes are a snap, some homes can have challenges. Please avoid choosing a spot that is inaccessible when you need to check on it. Such as behind a rose bush patch, or in a corner behind a shed. Make sure the spot it is relevantly flat and free of vegetation in the corner. All installations are based on an average home and a slope less then 10 degrees on soil/dirt/gravel. Tree Roots and other obstructions may prevent proper installation or require additional preparation.

Installation does not include eaves trough diversion beyond Barrel tie in, repair or extension of existing downspout, removal of plants or trees, removal of rocks or other obstructions, decorations, other rain barrels, junk, animal waste, garbage or debris.

We recycle all packaging for you.