Payments Made Easy

At Cowboy Cleaning paying for services it a snap!

We accept Checks or Cash at the door, One of our cleaners will be glad to collect it.


We can send you a PayPal invoice that can be paid through your credit card. (you dont need a PayPal account)

Cowboy Cleaning is a Paypal Verified business.

For more details about how you can pay for our services please contact us.


Looking for a great deal?

Regular Discounts

  • 15% Neighbour Discount (Book you and your neighbour within 3 houses)
  • 10% Community Discount (Available to Calgary South Communities of: Prestwick, Copperfield, New Brighton, Mahogany and Mckenzie Town, Chaparral, Elgin and surrounding communities.)
  • 10% Senior Discount (60+ Living in the home as primary residence)
  • 10% Disability Discount (Physically unable to shovel) (Snow removal only)

Special Discounts

We offer discounts for our products at various websites and promotions.

Please See google,, Kijiji, Facebook, Yelp. These are good places to start.

*All discounts and coupons can not be combined together or with any other offer. Some services are subject to weather and seasons ending sooner or later then generally predicted. In such an even the coupon value can be applied to the same service within the first month of the following season. Cowboy Cleaning reserves the right to refuse work for any reason. If a purchase has been made and can’t be started then the full purchase amount will be refunded. If the job has been started or an attempt to do the job has been made then the refund amount will be at Cowboy Cleaning’s discretion. If a coupon is applied in error, the offer is expired or it was purchased for the wrong product it will be considered void and the value of the discount if any will at the discretion of Cowboy Cleaning. Senior discounts and Disability discounts only apply to the principal residence of the property in witch the discount is to be applied to. We may require proof in the way of ID. If proof can not be provided then the coupon value will be at the discretion of Cowboy Cleaning.