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Cowboy Cleaning

Calgary: 403-907-0907

Howdy Partner!

Howdy Partner!

Welcome to the wildest cleaning crew in town!

Saddle up for top-notch Exterior Home Cleaning services.

Got windows that reach for the sky and eaves that need taming? Don't you worry, even in the treacherous terrain, we'll be your trusty sidekick.

At Cowboy Cleaning, our team of sharp-witted cowboys and cowgirls make the toughest jobs look like a ride in the sunset. We'll have your place spick and span before you can say "yeehaw!"

Whether it's a sprawling ranch or a humble homestead, we're equipped to tackle any kind of filth. Calgary's homes and storefronts may face the wild winds, the snowstorms, and the legendary dust devils, but we're here to wrangle the mess and make it shine like a new sheriff's badge.

Lasso us with a call, or rustle up our easy-peasy contact form. Once you've witnessed our service, you'll be all over it faster than a tumbleweed in a windstorm!

And why do we ride this trail? 'Cause bones might mend, but the admiration of the ladies? Well, that lasts forever. 🤠

Roof Gutter Cleaning

Yes! We offer Eavestrough Cleaning!

Residential Homes, Condo & Businesses! 

Landlords welcome.

We clean your eavestroughs and downspouts. Cowboy cleaning uses scoop and spray method to clean and unclog those eavestroughs. We get up and close and personal with ladders and scoops. We inspect and clean the entire trough and work at the down spouts till the water’s flowin free again. There’s not much we don’t have. Our crew is able to clean what ever you have to throw at us.

Cowboy Cleaning has a full saddle bag of tools to take care of your stable. So hang your hat and we’ll take care of that for ya.

Call us for:

Eavestrough / Gutter Cleaning

Rain Barrel Installation

Window Cleaning

Siding Cleaning

Power Washing

Snow Removal